K6TEX's GS-4 Screwdriver Antenna

Note: Jim has developed a Hydrogen Generator that will increase fuel mileage 15-28% on big trucks.
The results were so amazing  that he has parked his truck and has started his own company. Applied Hydrogen
Technologies has an excellent web site that gives you all the information.  These units are now for sale!  Jim has
turned the corner from making one for himself to helping other truck owners save thousands of dollars per year
on their fuel costs.  Check it out at

I asked the truckers on 14.3025 what they were running that never broke, and was a good performer. Many
opinions there, but nobody disputed the quality of the GS, and I don't think that anybody has even heard
of one being broke! This is the toughest antenna I ever saw. If you run mobile, and demand performance
AND durability, I don't think this antenna has any competition.

GS-MFG 10-160m screwdriver on the driver's side.

Jim K6TEX & Partner "Ramblin Rose"

K6TEX's Previous Truck

K6TEX's last Truck

   snowcovered truck


Jim Believes in Grounding Everything and Shielding all wires!


Wires inside the ECM braid are grounded on both ends

Radiator, grill, fender mirrors all are grounded to frame.

Ferrite-Kit for Injector Noise on the N14 Cummins

Fuel Pump Noise eliminated using ferrites

Email Jim K6TEX: NOSPAMjimdees@apphydro.com


Read K6TEX's article on Noise Suppression

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