KA8KIP's "Eliminator" Screwdriver Antenna

built by Dave Yoakam KA8KIP

10 Year Antenna History

These antennas use the basic design of the original DK3 antenna plans from Don Johnson W6AAQ. K8RWK started building the antennas in the mid-1990s and made substantial mechanical improvements to the basic construction. I ran one of them on my semi and straight truck for over 950,000 miles and I still use it today. K8RWK became a silent key in May of 2005 and I picked up where he left off and continued to improve on the DK3 design.

The KA8KIP "Eliminator" is trucker tough
and is made of Copper .

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Brand New 

160m Add-On Coil


"Eliminator" on N9GQR's Semi.

The "RV Eliminator "

KA4WWS's "Eliminator"

W9NIC's "Eliminator"

The Original "Eliminator" Above on KA8KIP's Semi

   The Coax hooks to the SO-239 on the side of the PVC base and makes the best ground.

Dave KA9KIP, now retired from trucking, designed this Spring Loaded Shock Mount. You hit

bumps or roads in Arkansas on their washboard highways, the antenna just bounces on the springs.

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