KC8STP's Milk Crate Mobile

& The Little Tarheel II Antenna

Dale is running the Little Tarheel II Screwdriver Antenna  This antenna covers 6m - 80m and weighs less than 2 lbs. Dale KC8STP runs his setup in a different truck each day.  Dales suggests: Try to keep your ground as short as possible and as big of ground as possible. I bought some really thick braided ground strap off EBay for next to nothing. Be creative for a quick and portable mount for your radios and antenna's. Try to use good jumpers and keep them as short as possible. Make sure you have extra fuses and don't forget to keep a bungee cord or two around to keep things strapped in. I am still working on a portable power supply to give my radio stand alone power at 100 watts and still keep the voltage from dropping below 11.7 volts. I am getting there. Remember if for portable use everyday, an Amp is a pain in the rear end. You have to run a bigger antenna, feed it with more power and worry about getting into your trucks electronics. I am having a blast at 100 watts and get a s-9 signal reports everywhere I talk from 80 meters - 6 meters. More information about Dale's installation can be found on the Message Board.

Dales's Email Address : NOSPAMkc8stp@woh.rr.com


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