W5JJJ's High Sierra Antenna

Slip-Seating 1st Class

Jim uses 3-Magnet Mounts

The ALS-500M Amp is in bottom

Jim uses a 2-wheeler to neatly carry his equipment between trucks, motels and home.

Jim W5JJJ is running the High Sierra Screwdriver Antenna This antenna covers 10m - 80m and Jim  runs his setup in a different truck each day.  The antenna is mounted on the passenger door with the mount that came with the antenna and three magnet mounts.  Jim leans the antenna forward to miss his mirror.  Jim says he has no noise, gets full power out and his SWR is 1:1 but does use the MFJ 910 Match for 80m.  Jim also is running an ALS-500M Amplifier.  He does all his grounding inside the cab with no outside ground wires.  Jim W5JJJ runs Oklahoma City to Albuquerque three times a week and you can catch him on 7.195 until it goes long then 3.808.

Jim's Email Address : NOSPAMw5jjj@cox.net


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